About Aimee

“Dancing and life are all about great communication. At the core is listening and expressing your true inner self.”


photo by Lucy Schultz Photography

photo by Lucy Schultz Photography

Aimee and Dancing

Aimee has been dancing since before she was born. Her parents were regular Contra and Square dancers before her birth, a habit her family found again when she was 8. After contra came ballet, tap and jazz.

Then in college, Aimee fell in love with Argentine Tango. The magic connection between partners sealed the deal for dance becoming an integral part of her life.

Since then, it’s been a wonderful adventure with Lindy Hop, Blues, Bellydance, Contra, Fusion Partner Dance, Ecstatic Dance, Traditional Women’s Dances from the Orient (with Anar Dana), and Capoeira.

“It constantly amazes me just how much we can communicate with our bodies and the ways in which we move.”

Aimee focuses on how individual technique and connection to the music and oneself can create and improve connection with others. Currently, she lives, teaches and organizes blues and fusion dances in Denver CO. Check out the calendar to see where Aimee is dancing, teaching, and DJing next!

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photo by Tyndall Photography

photo by Tyndall Photography

Aimee and Coaching

Aimee began working with people at a young age to discover who they are at their core and express it clearly. Over the course of her life, she’s been trained and worked as a Peer Mediator, tutor, and youth empowerment facilitator. She is a professionally trained coach through the Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE), an accredited training program of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Aimee brings a compassion and focus to her coaching that supports her clients to see clearly the unique magic they bring and to effectively and sustainably make the contribution they’re here to make.

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