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the Dancing Root Bunch: Vision

Imagine a vibrant dance community where, no matter what music is played, the dance floor is filled with dancers expressing themselves wholeheartedly, sharing a complex and nuanced relationship to the music, and inspiring each other with their movement. The community is welcoming and fun. The dancers support each other and continually grow their dance craft. In every corner of the room the diversity of people brought together by dance is apparent–diversity of skill and talent, age and race, gender and sexual orientation, dance history and cultural background. All these people are intermingling, connecting, and dancing; they are sharing experiences that are memorable, precious, and beautiful…

the Dancing Root Bunch seeks to make this vision a reality by growing a community of masterful dancers. Masterful dancers in any dance scene are the roots of their communities; because of their knowledge, skill, and influence, they have the capacity to nourish and transform their communities. the Dancing Root Bunch provides dancers of all levels with the skills and tools to become masterful dancers who can give back and inspire their dance scenes to flourish.

the Dancing Root Bunch: Mission

Our mission is to empower our students to become masterful dancers who inspire their communities. We help our students progress towards their goals by facilitating a committed group of learners, hosting ongoing weekly sessions, providing high-quality, differentiated dance instruction, and building strong interpersonal relationships.

What is a Masterful Dancer? the Dancing Root Bunch Philosophy

A masterful dancer is someone who has developed great skill in the following five areas. (Click each box to read more.)

A masterful dancer moves with confidence, ease, and grace. They express their own unique style by:

  • Controlling their body with a high degree of fidelity to their intention,
  • Using deliberate body shaping,
  • Pulsing in the style of the music and using rhythmic variation,
  • Creating and harnessing energy for movement,
  • Utilizing momentum dynamics for effect, and
  • Innovating and being creative.

A masterful dancer is fluent in the conversation of dance with their partners. This includes:

  • Attending, appreciating, listening and responding to their partner,
  • Connecting with their partner in multiple dimensions (physically, verbally, visually, emotionally, etc.), and
  • Moving deliberately through space within and around the partnership.

A masterful dancer develops a complex, dynamic relationship with music. In particular, a masterful dancer:

  • Engages with music on a personal level,
  • Understands music’s elements, including its historical and social context, and
  • Allows this relationship to influence their artistic choices while dancing.

A masterful dancer recognizes the norms and values of a social space and chooses how to interact with those social norms. Specifically, a masterful dancer:

  • Observes, understands, and interacts with the social norms and values of a dance style/venue/community,
  • Knows and acts from their personal values regarding dancing communities and dance aesthetics, and
  • Communicates with tact, integrity, and actions.

A masterful dancer creates and conveys story by making intentional choices about styling within the context of a dance form. A masterful dancer can:

  • Create, learn, and execute choreography that conveys purpose and intent,
  • Combine mastery of music and mastery of culture to make artistic choices that correspond to the purpose, audience, and environment, and
  • Treat every dance as a collaborative artistic endeavor.

More Details


the Dancing Root Bunch is taking a break for the summer. Join our mailing list to find out when the new session will start. In the mean time, you can join the 30-Day Dance Challenge to work on your dancing during the month of July!


A month of lessons is $50.
Your first lesson is $15 and can be applied to a package. Drop-in prices apart from the first class are not available.
You can pre-purchase your monthly pass or pay when you arrive (cash or check made out to Sharing Flow are preferred).

Students are highly encouraged to come weekly to get the most out of classes. If your schedule does not permit this, please contact us for options.