Saturday Night Groove

Saturday Night Groove is no longer happening. To stay tuned for future offerings in the Aurora area or dances in general, please join our email list by sending us a message. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support the dance. We look forward to dancing with you again soon! In the meantime, come check out the Dancing Root in Westminster, CO. 

*****_____*****–Legacy Information about Saturday Night Groove–*****_____*****

Saturday Night Groove is a new blues and swing dance night in the greater Denver area. Located in a new dance space in Aurora, it is convenient to some great eateries with a nice-sized parking lot. Come dance the night away and make some new friends!

Blues dance is a vernacular dance form that arose in the late 1800s and has had a colorful history. Blues dance is done primarily to blues music (of which there are many styles) and covers a range from slow and sensual to lively. Come out to learn this American dance form, appreciate the music, and make new friends.

Swing dance evolved out of blues, jazz, and the lively music of the early 1900’s. After undergoing a revival in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, swing is being enjoyed by a whole new generation. Characterized by a lively bounce and a joyful emotional timbre, swing dancing is a fantastic way to have fun and get a good workout all while you meet new folks.

Saturday Night Groove will have both swing and blues music intermingled throughout the night. Intro lessons from 8-8:30 are provided to absolute beginners to help you have a fantastic time dancing the first few times you join us. Enhance lessons, from 7-8, will alternate between blues and swing dance and focus on applying key concepts that will make your dance more fun and have your partners excited to dance with you again. There will be a small snack provided during the social – bring something to share!

When1st and 3rd Saturdays, 8-11pm
What: Dancing (8-11), Intro lesson included (8-8:30), Social (11)
Where: 700 S Buckley Rd, Unit K, Aurora, CO 80017
Details: $8 for the dance (intro lesson included). No partner needed.

If you would like to work on improving your dance skill, come to the Enhance Lessons at 7pm. Details here.