tDR Philosophy Workshop

Photo by Lucy Schultz Photography

photo by Lucy Schultz Photography

5hr workshop- the Dancing Root Philosophy: Fundamentals for Mastering Partner Dancing

with Aimee Eddins and Tian Yu Yen

(December 19, 2015) Seattle, WA

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This workshop will focus on some foundational skills and concepts that have greatly influenced our dancing and that we believe are fundamental to becoming an advanced/masterful partner dancer. Click the Toggles below for more information and the ‘Register Now!’ button to register in advance.

What is a masterful partner dancer? the Dancing Root Philosophy:

A masterful partner dancer is someone who has developed great skill in the following five areas:
Mastery of Self
Mastery of Partnership
Mastery of Music
Mastery of Culture and Values
Mastery of Artistry

For more information about what each of these areas means to us, check out our Dancing Root Bunch Philosophy.

Know Where you are and Choose who you are Willing to be…

“The best dancer in the room is not the person who everyone wants to dance with, it is the person who enjoys dancing with everyone.” – Brenda Russell

The difference between a good dancer and a great dancer is all about your mindset. In this class we will explore the relationships between our values and mindsets and our dancing through movement and self-reflection. We will also draw connections to dance cultures, intentional choices, and self-empowerment.

Cadence and Pulse – Connecting yourself to the groove and style of the music
“Musicality,” or how you connect with the music, is the most fundamental aspect of all dancing. In this class we will be exploring cadence and pulse in different styles of music (lyrical vs. rhythmic) and improving our personal movement technique to embody the cadence and pulse of the music.

Momentum Dynamics- the bestest part about dancing with a partner
Tian Yu’s favorite dances often have a feeling best described by the onomatopoeia, “WhoOsh”. It’s the sensation of a football with a perfect spiral, a dolphin diving through the air and back into the ocean, or a helicopter seed spinning gracefully to the ground! It is creating potential energy and harnessing momentum, and it is great. In this class we will work on developing the sensitivity to our partners and the skills and technique to fly around the floor (metaphorically of course) and with great regard for floorcraft.

Zanshin – Attention and Intention to the Edges of our Movements
“In several martial arts, zanshin refers more narrowly to the body’s posture after a technique is executed. In kyudo…the posture is intended to reflect the higher meaning of zanshin, which is a mental aspect maintained before, during, and after an action.” – Wikipedia

In this class, we will explore fully completing our movements by committing to our ideas and extending through our bodies. We will explore the concept of zanshin to make our dancing intentional and expressive. Finally, we will review all of our learning and reflect on our takeaways to bring into our personal dancing practices and social dancing!

Where: 4th Floor, Armory, Seattle Center in Studio G (Enter through the north entrance of the Armory and take the elevator to the 4th floor.)

When: Saturday, December 19, 2015 noon-5:15p

Cost: Sliding Scale $25-55, please pay at the highest tier you can afford

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