What is Coaching?

Especially in the world of today, building and sustaining equitable communities is vital to our collective liberation and well being. I am extremely passionate about growing our capacity to be in relationship, community, and service in a way where we all thrive.

As a Life Coach, I support people who are passionate about making a difference in their communities. Whether that be community around a shared interest, a neighborhood, or a faith-based community, I support folks who are passionate about making their communities more inclusive, more compassionate, and more just.

I firmly believe each person brings something vital to their communities and that we will see the change we’re yearning for when we’re all contributing the gifts we’re here to share. The people I work with are ready to be supported to more effectively and consistently use their unique gifts in service of the communities they care about.

Often, those working toward more equitable and just communities burn out from lack of support and resources available. If you’re feeling under-appreciated, burnt-out, or tired of feeling like you’re not making any progress, take a moment to consider: what would it be like to contribute to your community while feeling supported and energized?

If this creates a stirring in your heart, no matter how large, I’d love for us to talk to see what would best support you to be doing the work you’re here to do in the world. I invite you to join me on a free Discovery Session where we’ll enliven what you’re visioning, discuss what you’re up to and what’s been getting in the way, and uncover together what would make it possible for you to be energized and feel supported while creating an impact in your communities. To schedule a free Discovery Session, please follow this link.

What do I get out of coaching?

You’ll get really clear on the flavor of your magic and the ways you’re here to build community. We’ll practice tools to focus on what’s really important so you can be consistently successful by doing what you say you’ll do. I offer compassionate and direct coaching to cut through the chatter and worry so that being who you are in the world can be an easeful experience. This clarity, focus, and ease often gives rise to a deep gratitude for being aligned and having the opportunity to serve those around you.

Consider this…

Would it be alright with you if it were easier to do the things you say you’ll do consistently and with focus and grace?

Would it be alright with you if you were supported and thriving doing the vital community work you’re doing?

Would it be alright with you if you were consistently taking action on what’s most important to you?


I would love to support you to see what’s most important to you, how to move past that which is getting in the way, and do it all with a sweetness and enjoyment. Let’s take a look and see if working together would be a good fit to support you in making a difference in your community!


See if working together would be a good fit.

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Coaching supports you to be consistently successful in doing what you say you’ll do with ease and grace. It’s a conversation you and your coach have to move past obstacles or places you’re stuck so that you can consistently do that which is most important to you. In particular, I support my clients to contribute their magic to their communities. Coaching is also a way to shift the way you do things, from frustration and challenge to clarity and ease.

Once we see we’d love to work together, we’ll take a look at what would be a supportive frequency to talk. Usually, that means we’ll talk once a week or once every two weeks. Sessions are usually just under an hour long and, in that time, we’ll look at what you said you would do, what’s important to you, what challenges come up when you begin to do the really important things, and tools to use to stay focused with ease. Typically, contracts are for 6+ months which gives you enough momentum on a project to ensure you’ve learned and are using the tools and practices we’ll cover to create something meaningful!

We’ll meet via phone call or Skype call. In certain circumstances, we can arrange for in-person sessions as well or instead.

I’m a professionally trained coach through the Academy for Coaching Excellence, an accredited training program of the International Coach Federation.

I use the ACE coaching model, which combines powerful principles ranging from ancient wisdom teachings to the latest in neuroscience, and integrates it all into an elegant framework. Previous to this, I have worked in mediation, facilitating groups, and running empowerment workshops for over 10 years. I look forward to supporting you in a compassionate and empowering way!

The first step is to sign up for a Discovery Session where I’ll support you to see what’s important to you and cover what it’s like to be coached. If we see it’s a good fit to work together, we’ll sign a contract defining the frequency, duration, and details of our coaching arrangement. See my template contract here.

I am committed to creating a world where everyone is supported 100% and no one is left out. My sliding scale reflects this, by making this work sustainable for me while enabling a wider range of individuals to contribute according to their means. Peruse this document for my monthly retainer fees based on income. I encourage clients to select a tier at the upper end of what they can afford.

Still not sure if coaching is the support you’re looking for?

No problem! Schedule a free Discovery Session and I’ll help you get clear on what would support you!

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