Affiliated Organizations

Affiliated Organizations put on events that Aimee plays a significant role in creating and shaping. Like many of Sharing Flow’s events, they have a focus on building community and supporting participants to grow – all while having fun dancing!


photo by Lucy Schultz Photography, graphic by Katie Reid

Mile High Blues

Denver, CO





Mile High Blues is a dance and workshop weekend that fosters appreciation for and development of a transformative relationship with the Blues in all of its rich history, context, and legacy. With fabulous live music at night and in workshops, context classes, performances and competitions, Mile High Blues celebrates individual contributions and commitment to the development of Blues dance community, personal skill, and education. In addition, Mile High Blues works to dismantle oppressive systems and prejudicial treatment of others in order to develop a safer more empowering space in which to dance.

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graphic by Colin M Newton

Mile High Fusion

Denver, CO
dates TBA




We’re creating a NEW, ENTIRELY FUSION, DANCE WEEKEND for everyone to enjoy. Introducing, Mile High Fusion!
Organized by a core team from Mile High Blues and other figures from around the country, Mile High Fusion will make its debut appearance in late 2018 with a dance weekend focused entirely on Fusion dance. In this space, we look forward to continuing our emphasis on excellence, throwing a rockin’ social dance party, and building community.
We invite you to attend this inaugural All-Fusion Throw Down! If you’ve enjoyed the Fusion at Mile High Blues in the past two years, Mile High Fusion will knock your socks off! Help us pick the dates below and sign up for our newsletter to receive new information as soon as possible!

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graphic by G Longshadow

Dance!?! Alt Fusion

Denver, CO & Bay Area, CA
periodic, traveling event




Inspired by four dancing fools making jokes in the kitchen, Dance!?! Alt Fusion began as a place for: Ridiculous. Dancing. Fun. with Community.

Join us to share your silliness, your thoughts, your movement, and to make deeper connections to yourself, your inspiration, and your communities.

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