What better way to get improve your dancing than to dedicate yourself to learning.

Current Opportunities

Fusion Drop-In: Before The Dancing Root, come join us for a drop-in lesson. Each week will feature a different style or concept designed to help you find new ways to fuse your movement creatively among dance styles with others.

Workshops: Workshops of all kinds! Some with exciting traveling instructors some with our fabulous local instructors. Check out our current and upcoming workshops.

Private Lessons: Private lessons are a fantastic way to improve your dancing and get specific feedback to what you are working on. Read about options for private lessons.

Inner Dancing Goddesses: A community of women seeking to transform themselves and the world around them through movement. Coming, Fall 2017: An intimate weekend retreat to be in community and drop to a deeper level through movement and dance. Read more at our website.


Past Opportunities

the Dancing Root Bunch*No longer happening* Join us on a monthly basis for workshops designed to help you become a Masterful Partner Dancer. Read more about the Dancing Root Bunch and contact us to join. You can join at any time.

Swing and Blues Enhance Lessons: *No longer happening* Before Saturday Night Groove, we used to offer lessons in both blues and swing. For more information about what this used to entail, read Saturday Enhance Lessons.