Team Courage Calls

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Here’s the link to our original fundraiser to which you so generously contributed. Read on to see how each of our team members is contributing to the world these days!


Rachel’s vision is to be an effective mentor and to use her business to educate a wider audience with the message that sexual oppression through body shame is unacceptable; instead she seeks to cultivate a world where everyone is respected no matter what their unique body configurations and abilities are.

Rachel is supporting businesses and individuals to create a world where everyone is included through their work as an access consultant and mentor. Follow how Rachel is living their vision now through Badass Fatass!
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Eli’s vision is to be an effective coach and to organize a team of coaches that focuses on supporting our young leaders to be their best selves, to take the risks that need to be taken, and to make the changes we need in order to have a just society and a healthy planet.

Eli is currently focusing on healing from a brain injury. He is healing beautifully (what he’s experiencing is just short of miraculous) and, as a result of this healing journey, is certain he will be experiencing life in a way he never imagined possible. He is coaching a small number of clients and is excited to grow his coaching business and move out to New York City to be with his partner.
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Aimee’s vision is to be a contributor to her community and to create and facilitate a women’s empowerment group based in movement and self-expression that creates a safe place for participants to explore who they are, to discover how they want be in the world, and to express their courage.

Aimee is facilitating and organizing dance community events where participants can learn how to engage with each other in new, more supportive ways. She acts as a mentor and coach for many community organizers and she coaches young leaders who know they can be making a difference in the world. In the works is a community of and for movement artists, community leaders, and spiritually developing humans. Follow her here, on FB, and over email to learn how to participate in these communities, upcoming workshops, and more!
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Natalie’s vision is to be an innovative leader that works alongside community members to create healthy, thriving communities through public space activation and small business opportunities.

Natalie is living in a multi-cultural, multi-faith, and intergenerational intentional community called Canticle Farm. She’s contributing her gifts toward their mission of holistic health, food security, and expanding the reach of their education center. She’s also working for a catering business focused on team-building through engaging programming. She’s taking her skills to the next level in a nine month immersion program learning ancestral arts, permaculture, bird language, and many other skills to be in right relationship with mother nature.
Check out Canticle Farm to learn more about their programs and opportunities.