the Dancing Root

Running for over 5 years, the Dancing Root was a beloved dance within the community. Read on for more information about what it was and join our email list to hear about future dance offerings. 

the Dancing Root is a dance where our community gathers to dance with each other and have fun. the Dancing Root draws people from all walks of life, inspiring and challenging them to connect with each other authentically and to express themselves musically. Here, we partner dance together because of the magical moments on the dance floor and the caring community which makes this space a second home.

At the Dancing Root, we believe knowing and continually aligning to intent is important; we strive to imbue the Dancing Root with our 7 values:

Respect for self and each other
Learning and transformation
Diversity and inclusivity
Expressing our true selves

For more information, please visit our website!
Also visit our Facebook page for information about 1st Sunday dances and 3rd Sunday Community Brunches.


When / Where / Details: this dance is no longer happening
It was $6-$10 (sliding scale) for lesson and dance. No partner needed.